AGE POSITIVE: Speed, efficiency, invasiveness.

Speed, efficiency, invasiveness. Our time flies like never before: the hectic pace, bad habits, pollution and fast beauty at all costs will inevitably impact on our wellbeing. Today more than ever it is vital to plan for the future of our skin by avoiding impromptu remedies to embrace a complete and combined approach for healthy, radiant, protected skin that shines from within.

That is why we have created OLOS AGE POSITIVE, the first line by OLOS that positively modulates the skin’s chronological aging process with two actions: repairing the signs of aging, by toning and restructuring the skin, and protecting from external aggressions, by detoxifying and preventing premature skin aging. A real “full face” strategy that acts on the skin as a whole and its internal wellbeing.

At the heart of the formula is Beech Bud Extract, a natural and eco-sustainable active ingredient with oxygenating, anti-oxidant and pro-youth action. Every formula is also reinforced with a complex of natural active ingredients, the Tech Pollution Complex*, a protective shield against any pollution that threatens the skin:

- Technological, blue light from all electronic devices such as monitors, smartphones, tablets, LED screens, etc.
- Environmental, such as aggressions from urban and city living such as the ozone, smog, etc.
- Communication, such as radiation from devices that use wireless technology, increasingly common in everyday life as an easy means of communication.
- Home, domestic pollution sources such as heating, air-conditioning, etc. which create particles that attack the skin and damage cells. The treatment and line are created for stressed, tired and dull skin, with visible signs of aging, wrinkles and imperfections. For those who live in the city, for those who smoke, and for those who are more exposed to technological pollution. To preserve facial youth and combat premature skin aging, reducing wrinkles and refirming the tissues**. AGE POSITIVE is a VEGAN FRIENDLY line that contains up to 99,14% ingredients of natural origin. The remaining 0,86% is needed to guarantee the olfactory and sensory qualities and stability of the product.

*In vitro test.
**Clinical and instrumental tests on the complete OLOS AGE POSITIVE treatment + self-care products.