Who safeguards and cares for the beauty of our body? The answer is simple: the algae!

The term alga commonly refers to an organism with a simple structure, autotroph, unicellular or pluricellular, that produces oxygen and that presents no differentiation of its tissues.

Just like beautiful women, algae can also be brown, red or blond. But even green or blue!
Algae are an example of precious marine flora rich in varying properties. A vegetal organism with a thousand uses beneficial to our physical well – being.
Some algae are used in herbalism, others are used in vegan and macrobiotic cooking, still others in cosmetics as firming agents for the skin of the body.
In cosmetology the algae are widely appreciated for their ability to activate physiological mechanisms deep in the skin, increasing the capacity to react to the treatment. The trace elements, vitamins and amino acids, found in algae unfold a mineralizing action on the fatty masses. The presence of iodine and mineral salts in their ionic state effects a firming action on relaxed tissues.

Holy algae, protectors in the battle against cellulite!
Anticellulite treatments with marine algae have as their objective restoring dermal elasticity through massages to encourage reabsorption in the treated area. The salt water in the algae automatically recalls liquids in the legs and thighs encouraging drainage and helping to reduce water retention and cellulite.

OLOS, beauty is nature, is reborn and in this rebirth the launch of OLOS THALASSO, an extraordinary range of products that exalts all the widely recognized, beneficial effects of Thalasso Therapy. The OLOS THALASSO range is based mainly on three different algae: CHLORELLA VULGARIS, SPHACELARIA SCOPARIA & LAMINARIA HYPERBOREA.

The star product of this range? Without a doubt MONT SAINT MICHEL ANTI - CELLULITE MARINE BODY MILK*. A soft emulsion enriched with a specific brown alga for the treatment of cellulite related imperfections* that blocks the formation of new adipocytes, helps reduce existing ones and restructures skin tissues by increasing collagen synthesis. It also contains Fucus Vesiculosus, noted for increasing micro-circulation and encouraging the drainage of excess liquids.

Sphacelaria Scoparia, capable of blocking the formation of new adipocytes and increasing collagen synthesis to increase cutaneous compactness, leaving the skin smooth and even. Laminaria Digitata, Fucus Vesiculosus and Red Algae Sterol to reactivate cutaneous cellular metabolism and encourage the mobilization of lipids.
Chlorella Vulgaris is an adaptogen alga for a long lasting moisturizing action.

So what are you waiting for? Ask an OLOS beautician to try this product, because Summer is just around the corner!

Good cosmetics to everyone!