When we have to choose a cosmetic, we think about widely-used active ingredients, most of the time with absurd names, when instead it would be enough to just search in nature for products that would be the best for our skin.

For example, have you ever thought that rice, other than being good for our health and maintain a healthy weight, could be an excellent and deeply nourishing panacea for your skin?

Oryza sativa, an annual herbaceous plant from the gramineae family, is the plant that produces the cereal called rice. Of all cereals, rice is the most complete: 100 g contains 350 kilocalories and has a considerable contents of fiber, vitamins and various sea salts.

This plant has Asian origins: the Chinese started farming it for food in the 6th century BCE, as evidenced by numerous Neolithic sites in eastern China. This then spread to Mesopotamia, Persia, Egypt and finally Europe.

From the times of the Ancient Romans to the Middle Ages, rice was occasionally used to make infusions to relieve stomach aches or, later on, as ingredients in sweets. At the same time, in addition to its use as food, rice started to be used as a cosmetic ingredient due to its particular starch and the precious oil that can be obtained from it.

Rice in cosmetics has emollient and sebum restitutive properties. The presence of ferulic acid and gamma-oryanzol give the rice bran oil antioxidant and protective properties against UVA rays, responsible for the aging and photo-aging of the skin. The rice flour and starch, due to their high derma-compatibility, are always widely used in many cosmetics forms such as aspersorium powder, dermal paste and products for baby skin, delicate skin and skin that is prone to redness Rice by-products are therefore highly recommended to formulate cosmetics for dry and sensitive skin as well as the delicate skin of babies.

We are nature. This is why OLOS has chosen rice and all of its virtues to create its body nourishing line: Delizia di Riso.

Discover it and delight yourself.

Enjoy your cosmetics!