Olos relaxes the most stressful time of the year.

The Top Ten of useless gifts that, with the first occasion, are magically transformed into perfect re-gifts … this too is Christmas… holiday stress, a race to wrap the last package, indecision and Hamletic doubts about the “perfect gift” …but why should this be?

A gift should be a pleasure not only for who receives it but also for who chooses it, because giving sheds light on a part of who we are, our style, our originality and the attention with which we choose from a sea of possibilities that scream at us from all sides. If we want to surprise we need something distinctive, neat, appealing and of quality…if we want to surprise we need something from OLOS. The high quality of the cosmetic formulas and distinctive image to care for the beauty of friends, relatives and acquaintances. Some ideas? Delizia di Riso Body Soothing Bath Cream for a fragrant and cuddly gift that everyone goes crazy for, Thalasso Moisturizing Oxygen Face Cream is also perfect for men who are paying more attention to their looks nowadays, Frutti di Bosco Skin Soothing Face Cream to enjoy the magic of a summer forest, especially on the most sensitive skins, Biostaminalia No Age Facial Day Cream because ageing is a worry for everyone, even if we don’t want to admit it, and the  Nettare di Zucca pH Balance Face Cream to prepare our skin for that “maybe too rich” Christmas Buffet!

Good Cosmetics to everyone and Happy Holidays!