OLOS too is launching its challenge to save the Planet… 

OLOS'S “Earth Hour” challenge is ready.

Earth Hour, the WWF’s most important global event to stop climate change and promote a sustainable lifestyle, will take place on Saturday 23rd March.

This year, the impressive “wave” of darkness, or the traditional marathon of 24 hours of darkness when the lights are turned off in some of the most important buildings across the world, as well as national buildings, company headquarters and private residences, will be accompanied by the I WILL IF YOU WILL campaign which WWF is using to invite the world to get involved and launch their own challenge to save the Planet.

What are you prepared to do to save the Planet? 

OLOS is committed to launching its own challenge for a more sustainable lifestyle: the entire Olos marketing office will keep a plant that they have grown and cared for on their desks for a year if 1,000 people grow a vegetable garden on their balcony!

The Planet needs everyone's commitment! So what are you prepared to do?

Accept the challenge on http://goo.gl/0J7No