OLOS’S MAGIC: the reawakening of a beautiful face

During the fall season, your face plays the starring role once again. This is why Olos offers you five different lines, totally updated, with natural formulas and specific, effective solutions for your desire for beauty. Do you need to moisturize your skin? Choose the Thalasso line. Do you want a radiant and regenerated face? Nothing better than the glycolic acid contained in the Glyco Program line. Do you want to prevent the signs of aging? Biostaminalia is the answer, thanks to the specific properties of Apple Plant Stem Cells.  Do you have sensitive skin that often becomes reddened?
The Frutti di Bosco line is perfect for your face. Do you look at yourself in the mirror and gasp at the sight of blackheads and small pimples on the chin and near the nose? You definitely need the Nettare di Zucca line.   

Have you ever tried the magical experience of opening up an Olos product? It is a sublime sensorial event… You will simply fall in love with the new pack. Close your eyes and run your fingertips along the surface of the OLOS case, the Flora paper, so tactile, will amaze you; open your eyes and admire the elegance of minimal and saturated colors; then open the package and be hit by an explosion of life, an enchanted color that reveals itself before your eyes. Look inside, where a small piece of treasure lies: a bottle or OLOS cream, with the most sensual of shapes. Don’t stop: open the package and let yourself be carried away to a world of inebriating scents and ultra rich textures. Lose yourself in this magical world of high-quality formulas free from paraben, paraffin, petrolatums and ethyl alcohol.  

But don’t forget that being beautiful during the autumn season also means caring for your body, especially after the summer stress caused by sun and wind. The Delizia di Riso nourishing line, the Thalasso sea line and the beneficial properties of the OLOS Essential Oils will be your precious allies.  

Live the magic of OLOS, in a world where Nature reigns.  

Enjoy everyone!