OLOS creates PHOTOCOSMETICS, photo-active cosmetics that bring the benefits of sunlight to the skin at any time, even at night. The OLOS PHOTOCOSMETICS products, from the Luce di Girasole line, contain active ingredients that are released through sunlight and others which are able to produce the benefits of the sun even when it is not there. For skin that is bright, vibrant and “radiant”.

- Sunflower Oil essential to protect the skin and preserve the proper hydration.
- Lux Complex: specific complex with a brightening and anti-fatigue action.
- Encapsulated vitamins: vitamins C and E contained in microcapsules for an
  antioxidant action.
- African tulip: African symbol of fire and light. Its flowers are rich in flavonoids
  and anthocyanins, with antioxidant properties.
- Jojoba Oil: an excellent antioxidant.