Have you noticed how, after the eagerness of the Christmas festivities, our skin looks duller and gray and probably less toned too?

The big holiday lunches you simply cannot miss out on, full of joy and laughter, often symbolize big enjoyable binges, which, on the one hand stimulate the festive spirit of the holidays, but on the other really put our skin's balance to the test. Are we talking about “pollution”? Maybe we are, it could be defined as such. This is why it is essential that our skin regains its well-being during the first months of the new year.

Olos guides us through 3 key steps:
1. Thorough cleansing.
2. Skin preparation.
3. Selection of a specific Olos line.

Step 1.
For Olos, the first essential beauty gesture is thorough skin cleansing. The best results are achieved using the Face Regenerating Cleansing Milk and the Face Regenerating Spray Toner from the Glyco Program thanks to the natural exfoliating action of glycolic acid.

Step 2.
At the same time, Olos recommends continuing the beauty program with the Glyco Program line in order to prepare the skin, smoothing it and making it radiant and soft thanks to the Face Regenerating Day Fluid with Sunscreens, to apply in the morning, and to the Face Regenerating Night Cream, to apply in the evening.

Step 3.
Now our skin is ready to receive all the active ingredients of a specific product, therefore the next step depends on your needs. Do you have sensitive skin? Choose the Frutti di Bosco line. Do you want to prevent signs of time? Use Olos Biostaminalia. Do you have combination or greasy skin? Nettare di Zucca is the perfect line for you. Do you need moisture? Use the Thalasso line for face and body. Does your skin need more nourishment? Delizia di Riso will make you fall in love.

Happy cosmetics to everyone!