3 masks with a colorful and fun look, to choose based on your requirements: to hydrate, to opacify, to smooth or to soothe? The choice of the most suitable mask is up to you!

- FRUTTI DI BOSCO Absolute Delicacy Face Mask, a beauty partner, which leaves the skin soft, fresh and bright. Enriched in Strawberry, Blueberry and Raspberry Extracts, recognized for their soothing properties, to reduce redness and irritations.

- NETTARE DI ZUCCA Perfect Balance Face Mask, with an attractive texture, which, thanks to a suspension of Fresh Pumpkin Cells combined with Fomes Officinalis Extract, acts on the areas of the face ensuring an ideal hydration and helping to regulate the sebaceous balance of the skin.

- OLOSAGE ProAge Lift Face Mask, a caress of natural youth, rich in active ingredients with a global ProAge action, that give a photoshop effect, smoothing the complexion and giving new light, for a face that looks young and vital.

The new OLOS HAPPY MASK are flash formulas, with fast action: while you dedicate to your daily tasks, apply the mask on the skin and leave it on for 15 minutes.
But not only!
OLOS HAPPY MASK are also "sleeping masks" because they take advantage of the calm and relaxation of the night hours to act deeply and longer. Why the night? Because during the night the skin is at its maximum absorption and regeneration capacity.
Especially on ultra-active days, using the night becomes essential to give more time to the skin.
The night mask can be safely forgotten on the face because it is absorbed while you think of something else or you fall asleep.

3 incredible masks, which give joy and improve the mood: a real cosmetics of happiness, thanks to the COCOA EXTRACT.
This active increases the feeling of general well-being of the body and mind, because it acts on the production of beta endorphins, the molecules responsible for happiness.
In this way the women most loved beauty ritual will also become a moment of joy.