Three precious boxes, animal motif, which enclose secrets of harmony and wellness for the skin.

In each box you will find: a best seller cream Olos, enriched by a new and powerful ingredient, and a Hydra Cup, the bamboo and silicone gadget, cute and funny, that reminds us that correct hydration is the most important step for your skin.

The lines and the creams that are the stars of the collection are:

- DELIZIA DI RISO, Nourishing No-Ox Face Cream Diamond Magnificence

- FRUTTI DI BOSCO, Skin-Soothing Face Cream Orchid Delicacy

- NETTARE DI ZUCCA, Perfect Matt Moisturizing Face Cream Pomegranate Harmony.

The main subjects of the collection are the animals: Dorortea, the hedgehog, Ettore, the dog, Anacleto the owl. All illustrated and made by DEKANIMAL, a famous illustrator that combines animals and nature with an original style.

And there's more! Look inside the packaging, cut it out and color it in, to relax with Art Therapy. Find relaxation and balance through drawing and discover all the stars of OLOS LOVES PETS collection, taking care of your Beauty at the same time. Because coloring is great for kids and adults too!