TEEN-AGERS AND SPOTS: a screaming battle in front of the mirror.

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and noticed that the skin of your face was full of unsightly spots and blackheads? The first reaction is always to scream and try to squeeze them so that they disappear! But this is actually the worst thing you can do! Be patient and do not lose heart; simply start using the OLOS NETTARE DI ZUCCA cosmetic products, specifically developed for impure skin.  

If your skin is young and oily, it means that your sebaceous glands are producing too much sebum, blocking pores and leaving facial skin looking shiny, greasy to the touch and particularly prone to develop acne, spots and blackheads, which proliferate in the feared T-zone (forehead, nose and chin).  
However, you have some precious allies on your side: the Sebo Balancing Facial Cleansing Gel, the Bi-phase Sebo Balancing Facial Toner, the pH Balance Face Cream and the Sebo Control Specific Zones Face Cream of the Nettare di Zucca line, which take care of your beauty thanks to the Fruity Acids and the exclusive Natural Skin Food Complex. That is not all. Today, the OLOS purifying treatment is even more affordable, so that you no longer have to ask mom and dad to give you money for the Beauty Salon!  

Also, don’t forget that cleansing your face is something that you must do in order to remove all make-up residue and prevent dirt from accumulating inside the pores. Always apply a toner in order to complete the cleansing phase, along with the specific cream both in the morning and at night. Try your best to get rid of unhealthy habits such as smoking, improper diet and too much stress, and choose to respect the natural balance of your skin.  

Nettare di Zucca is the perfect line for you.  

Enjoy everyone!