The body is the first tool of seduction, transmitting sensuality and fascination, it captivates and conquers and for this, it is essential to know how to take care of it.

Being satisfied with oneself and being able to shape ones figure is the desire of every woman and even of every man. In the runup to Spring and Summer, when the body comes alive once more, it is essential to have slim legs, toned buttocks and a flat belly.

Thalasence treatments, thanks to high-performing active ingredients such as Oceanic Biorhythmic Alga, Sterol of Red Algae and Antarctic Cryoprotectant are the answer to treat body imperfections and renew the skin while respecting its equilibrium.

The line is now enriched with a new formula, Restructuring Body Marine Cream, a silky texture with sparkling aquatic notes. Rich in Sea Fennel Extract, for a stronger, nourished and vital skin.

The cream is IODINE TESTED and has an iodine content less than 0.0003%, thus being suitable for all skin types and for every need.

Formulas have natural and plant-based ingredients for a VEGAN-FRIENDLY line.