We could call them the “Magnificent 6”, because they are the six natural blends ideal for encouraging and accelerating the resolution of many beauty problems. Today, The OLOS Fitoessenze are completely reborn and renewed thanks to a new formula free from parabens and paraffin and enriched with new essential oils and new packaging that uses the best of past and present: the traditional amber coloured flask typical of the wise herbalist and the minimalist style of the white box with an exclusive illustration of the herbs contained within.

Each of the six blends is a concentrate of essential oils, extremely balanced and targeted, that allows us to respond specifically to six different needs: encouraging a firming, soothing, purifying, stimulating, draining and no-age action.

The secret is in the very same nature of the extra pure mixtures of oils contained in each blend: Chamomile, Melissa, Helichrysum, Petit Grain, Neroli and Ylang Ylang for a soothing action on delicate and sensitive skin; Lavender, Lemon, Red Thyme, Savory, Cypress and Geranium to purify skin that suffers daily from environmental pollution; Eucalyptus, Hyssop, Mint, Niaouli and Thyme to energize; Coriander, Ginger, Cinnamon, Zedoary, Oregano and Mint specifically to prepare the skin for the beauty treatments and finally the two big novelties: Lemon, Sage, Rosemary and Niaouli to encourage a slimming action, while for combating the effects of time we turn to the actions of Cloves, Geranium, Thyme and Cinnamon.

Don’t forget that Essential Oils are also excellent for the Mind and not only for the body! So choose your favourite blend to use at home... what’s more pleasing than relaxing in an inebriating hot bath scented with precious fragrances?

Go right to your beautician and ask to try one of the marvelous new blends SL, AG, CA, VD, DT, ST (see all), as they are, in fact, perfect for improving your mood!

Good cosmetics to everyone!